Who is Nola, you may wonder?

Nola is the soul, muse, and heart of all the restaurants; she is the daughter of Laura and Richard, the entrepreneurs behind LACENA BY NOLA. Born in Holland but raised in Spain, she seamlessly blends the best of two worlds. Her life is a captivating melting pot of cultures, where the essence of her homeland intertwines harmoniously with rich Spanish traditions.

But that's not all – Nola doesn't just speak Dutch and English; she dazzles with her Spanish and even ventures into Valencian. A true language party with this polyglot master! Yes, that's our girl.

The story with Nola begins in Albir, where the spark of LACENA BY NOLA ignited the family's gastronomic passion. Then, Altea Boulevard joined the feast, followed by expansion to Calpe in 2019. Things got even tastier in 2020 with the opening of Altea Beach, and the family didn't stop there. Moraira was the next chapter in 2021, followed by an incursion into Benidorm. To cap off this culinary journey, in 2023, El Campello became the latest destination on the LACENA BY NOLA route, for now…

But here's the exciting part! Did you know there's a specific route to trace Nola's evolution over the years? Yes, indeed. If you're adventurous and curious enough, you can visit these locations in chronological order. It's like following a treasure map, but instead of gold, you'll find culinary delights at every stage!

  • Albir, 2016: Where it all began. Nola was still a baby.

  • Altea Boulevard, 2017: Nola siguió dando sus pasos por el paseo de Altea

  • Calpe, 2019: Nola grew, and so did her love for cooking

  • Altea Beach, 2020: Nola ventures to the sea by the beach between Albir and Altea.

  • Moraira, 2021: Nola keeps growing, traveling through the Costa Blanca.

  • Benidorm, 2022: Nola conquers the city buzz

  • El Campello, 2023: The most recent chapter in the epic Nola Route!

If you're brave enough, we challenge you to follow the Nola Route in chronological order. Visit each restaurant and see how Nola has grown and evolved over the years!

Dare to take on the challenge? Share your experience after completing the Nola Route! And remember, always save room for dessert – Nola would approve!

🍽️✈️Bon appétit and safe travels! 🍽️✨

Altea - Beach

Carretera del Albir, 20
Edificio Sol, Sotano
03590 Altea
Alicante, Spain
Tel: +34 965 08 79 59

Altea - Boulevard

Paseo del Mediterraneo 20
03590 Altea
Alicante, Spain
T +34 965 779 771


Avenida del Albir 58
03581 Albir
Alicante, Spain
T +34 966 864 190


Dinamarca 4
03710 Calpe
Alicante, Spain
T +34 965 977 894


Aveniguda de la Paz 26
03724 Moraira
Alicante, Spain
+34 966 94 29 14

El Campello

Calle San Vicente 73
03560 El Campello
Alicante España
T+34 966 404 894